My Top 5 Autoflower (FEM)

This Top 5 will probably be my favorite to write. As you might have guessed I’m an auto fan…

1. Think Different Auto Feminized Seeds from Dutch Passion
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Auto Think Different achieves its goal which was to provide the yield and potency of the best photo-period strains. It was created by crossing a heavy-yielding, extremely potent AK47 hybrid called AK420 with a top quality Ruderalis. Its stated aim was to improve on the excellent Auto Mazar of 2011.

2. Gigabud Auto Feminized Seeds – Breeder G13 Labs

Auto Gigabud is the latest auto-flowering marijuana strain from G13 Labs. It is quite large for an auto, as its name would suggest, and it grows large, tight buds with a good coating of resin.

3. GDP Auto x Gumberry Auto Feminized Seeds – Breeder: Garden Of Green
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GDP Auto x Gumberry Auto is a beautifully-coloured purple auto-flowering strain with indica dominance. It produces great yields of sticky, high-THC buds in a short life-cycle.

4. Zkittlez Auto Feminized Seeds – Breeder: Lineage Genetics
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Zkittlez Auto is an overwhelmingly indica-dominant strain which utilizes ruderalis genetics to make its florescence quite independent of any reduction in lighting hours. It is a high-yielding auto which is suitable for growers with little or no experience. High levels of THC production combine with low CBD to give a potent effect.

5. LSD Auto Feminized Seeds – Breeder: Barney’s Farm Seeds
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At last an auto-flowering version of Barney’s legendary LSD strain achieved by crossing LSD with a Super Magnum Auto. This is a 70% indica strain with enormous potency coupled to excellent yields.