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9 Pound Hammer Autoflowering

9 Pound Hammer Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Prepare to be struck by the 9 Pound Hammer. As its name suggests, 9 Pound Hammer autoflower hit you hard and fast for long-lasting effects. This is true of most indica-heavy marijuana strains. A few hits of the 9 Pound Hammer will have you soaring above the clouds and all feelings of pain and anxiety will be gone in a flash. It’s CBD makeup is around 22%, which means you can expect heavy bodily effects that will leave you on the couch feeling relaxed and perhaps too lazy to get up and do anything else.

The THC content in 9 Pound Hammer also makes it an effective painkiller for those suffering from migraines and chronic pain. At first, you’ll feel a euphoric rush to the head that will leave you happy for the first half of the high. The second half will leave you deeply relaxed and chilled out. Because of its peaceful and long-lasting effects, the 9 Pound Hammer is somewhat of a lullaby that will gradually help you fall (and stay) asleep throughout the night. 9 Pounds Hammer is definitely more of a nighttime strain.

If you’ve been experiencing symptoms of pain, stress, or insomnia, 9 Pound Hammer cannabis seeds are great to have around the house. Growers will be pleased to know that this 80% indica strain delivers high yields and a flowering time between 50 and 60 days. The smell of this strain is best described as berry-meets-lemon. Very fruity and citrusy. -- Not JinxProof Genetics.

Bubble Gum Autoflowering

Bubble Gum Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Bubble Gum auto – this unique strain has a flavor so authentic you’re going to have to resist the urge to chew.

One of our favorite autoflower cannabis strains, Bubble Gum cannabis seeds are a near balanced strain, leaning more towards its sativa roots – a fact expressed in this strain’s happy, creative high. Sitting at 15% on the THC scale, this juicy hybrid offers a euphoric effect that benefits every level of cannabis lover, but it’s the characteristic sweetness that has made Bubble Gum so popular among medical patients – a mild pink taste that can ease depression and encourage appetite (effects of which can last up to two hours). You may want to keep this one for daytime use, though we wouldn’t make any plans in case that indica couch-lock is a little stronger than you’re used to.

From beginner to advanced, Bubble Gum is one of our easiest strains, especially when you choose to plant indoors. Bred to benefit from auto-flowering genetics and feminized, our Bubble Gum marijuana seeds will develop into healthy plants that show off light green leaves and feature bright orange hairs. The buds should appear airy, dusted with a layer of crystalized resin.

CBD Lemon Potion Autoflowering

CBD Lemon Potion Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

CBD Lemon Potion autoflower cannabis seeds.

Since marijuana has something of an acquired taste, it makes sense that certain breeders would set their sights to creating strains that are as delicious in aroma and flavor as there are potent in their ability to prove therapeutically viable. CBD Lemon Potion marijuana is one of those strains, and with a CBD to THC ration of 2:1, it’s obvious why this indica-dominant strain has become a force to be reckoned with in the medical cannabis community.

A hit of CBD Lemon Potion is intensely citrusy in both flavor and aroma, and because its resin production is so heavy, you’ll find this particular strain is well suited to creating CBD oils and extracts that can be used in any number of ways, including in cooking and cannabis-infused topicals.

Because of its exceptional CBD content (often around 15%), CBD Lemon Potion marijuana is therapeutically suited to treating medical conditions like chronic pain, muscle and joint aches, spasms, headaches, and other physical ailments, as well as proving calming enough to treat stress, anxiety and depression. Potent yet gentle, it’s considered safe for both day and evening use.

Encouraging heavy, resin-covered buds out of CBD Lemon Potion isn’t difficult, and this strain is often recommended for beginner growers hoping to foray into the world of medical marijuana gardening. Indica dominant (with a 60/40 split), it’s a sturdy, short and bushy plant that can stand strong against many common molds and mildews, and after 10 or so weeks of flowering, will produce a medium yield of mouth-wateringly delicious, CBD-rich cannabis.

Jesus OG Autoflowering

Jesus OG Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Jesus OG

Are you ready to feel enlightened? Jesus OG cannabis seeds are unlike anything we’ve seen on the market before. Described at psychedelic, Jesus OG really does make you feel like you’ve been touched by God. This strain opens up the mind and welcomes a higher and deeper level of consciousness. We know, we know, it sounds weird at first. But really, we can’t put the powers of Jesus OG into words without trying it first.

Ironically, the creation of Jesus OG is anything but holy. This strain was first created by crossing Hell’s OG and Jack The Ripper. Doesn’t sound too angelic, does it? Jesus OG is a godsend to smokers and growers alike as it produces tall plants with heavy yields. If you’re interested in growing cannabis but have no idea where to start, we suggest picking up Jesus OG marijuana seeds. The average flowering time is relatively short between 7 – 9 weeks. This is an impressive strain to grow — just make sure you have the room for it!

If you choose to grow Jesus OG cannabis seeds inside, you’ll need high ceilings to account for its minimum height of 78 inches. This strain is a grower’s dream for impressive visual results that are Instagram worthy. Meanwhile, consumers can’t get enough of Jesus OG’s intoxicating aroma. It smells of lemon, which is said to be a natural mood booster. Additionally, Jesus OH makes you feel relaxed from head to toe while keeping the mind active, functional, and clear.

Description: Jesus OG is a grower’s dream thanks to its impressive height and quick flowering time. This indica is a great way to relax while keeping the mind clear.

Tahoe OG Kush Autoflowering

Tahoe OG Kush Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Imagine this: it’s a lazy Sunday morning with hundreds of rain clouds in the sky. There’s nowhere to get and nothing to do except getting high at home where it’s warm and dry. No point going outside in such bad weather, right? On a day like this, it’d be nice to have Tahoe OG Kush marijuana seeds around. This strain is the ultimate rainy day activity when you’re off the clock. This indica-dominant hybrid delivers on all fronts of deep relaxation and couch lock.

What we mean to say it, choose Tahoe OG on a day where you have nowhere to go and no one to meet. If you smoke this stuff on a busy day with lots of errands lined up, all we can say is good luck getting up from the couch and getting dressed. Tahoe OG will want to keep you in one place for a long time as your body will completely melt into its surroundings and your brain will want some peace and quiet. This strain provides an extremely lazy and heavy-body sensation for those who want nothing more than a Netflix And Chill weekend. It will not make you social or super chatty.

Because of it’s strong and fast-acting effects on the body, consumers with pain will benefit from Tahoe OG in many ways. It can help alleviate all levels of pain, from a lingering headache that won’t go away to chronic pain. It also fights against inflammation. We recommend choosing Tahoe OG Kush autoflower cannabis seeds in the nighttime or when a long nap is in need.

Durban Poison Autoflower



We all have those days when we feel mentally stuck. Whether it’s writer’s block or a simple lack of motivation, Durban Poison autoflower cannabis seeds are the solution. This pure, 100% sativa strain hails from South Africa and has since become extremely popular in North America. Durban Poison suits students and working professionals well for its ability to clear the mind and boost focus and concentration. Thus, you may find yourself getting more work done and finishing earlier than expected. Think of Durban Poison as the Adderall of the marijuana world.

Durban Poison is a fast-acting, hard-hitting strain that heightens the senses. You may be more susceptible to loud noises and bright colors, which may seem overwhelming at times — especially if this is your first time trying Durban Poison. The best environment to enjoy this strain in is somewhere quiet and studious, like the library or your desk at home. Durban Poison may not be the strain to smoke before a concert or social gathering. If your senses are overflooded, you may feel dizzy or disoriented. The high lasts between 2 to 3 hours.

Feminized Seeds


Afwreck Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Afwreck is a sativa-dominant hybrid that delivers strong sensations of energy, happiness, and pain relief. This strain can eliminate all negative feelings and levels of pain. Afwreck marijuana seeds are an all-around crowd pleaser thanks to their perfect blend of indica and sativa effects. While it’s considered a hybrid, Afwreck takes on more properties of its sativa parent (it’s a cross between Afghani and Trainwreck). This strain provides consumers with a balanced high that mixes happiness and euphoria with relaxation and calmness. This strain hails from California originally and tests at around 18% THC.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Get thunderstruck by Alaskan Thunder Fuck, a rare northern hybrid with 22% THC that hits you like a freight train bringing with it euphoric relaxation. Easy to cultivate indoors, gardeners should consider this strain for outdoor environments, since its yield increases dramatically when planted as nature intended. A nod to its heritage, Alaskan Thunder Fuck grows best in conditions that mimic its origins – it will thrive in a cool dry climate. You may want to consider this pretty but stinky strain for outdoor gardens, however, since the average yield jumps from 500 grams to 850 grams per plant when grown as nature intended.

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Fire OG

Fire OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Fire OG is a hard-hitting medical indica-dominant hybrid that aids in insomnia, sleep loss, and chronic pain. One of two hits is all you need. Fire OG is best consumed in the evenings or at night when your mind and body are truly ready to relax and let go of the day. This strain can easily melt away stress and anxiety, making it a great choice for consumers with high-stress levels, depression, and anxiety. It’s hard for your mind to focus on one thing in particular with Fire OG. Instead, this hybrid clears your mind and helps you forget about the instances that once made you mad, anxious, or irritated.

As a 70% indica, it’s no surprise that Fire OG plants flower between nine and ten weeks and contain THC percentages in the high 20s. The CBD in this strain is also higher than average at around 0.35%.

Alien Dawg

Alien Dawg Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Impressive pain relief begins with Alien Dawg marijuana seeds. Consumers who experience pain in their daily lives should always have this strain lying around the house. Alien Dawg is a cross between Alien Technology and Chemdawg that delivers powerful pain-killing effects from the very first puff. It has roots in Northern California and Afghanistan. What you can expect from Alien Dawg is an incredible mind and body high without the wait. Because the effects of this strain are so fast-acting and intense, it’s usually not recommended for beginner smokers.

In addition to pain relief, Alien Dawg is recommended to those with high anxiety and stress. Depending on when you smoke this strain, it can either leave you deeply relaxed and awake. Or, if smoked closer to bedtime, Alien Dawg can act as a lullaby to send you off the sleep.

Apollo 13

Apollo 13 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Apollo 13 will start a party in your brain with vivid colors, flashes of light, and a boost in focus and concentration. This sativa-dominant strain can combat ADHD and depression. But what sets Apollo 13 apart from other psychedelic strains is its boost in focus and concentration, which seems ironic due to the party going on in your brain. This strain can actually help you get through a drowsy, dull project at work or school. Because of the boost in concentration, consumers with ADHD may perform better with a little bit of Apollo 13 in their system. It’s important to watch how much you smoke at once as too much can lead to anxiety, headaches, and dry eyes.

On the flip side, the perfect dosage can help combat severe pain, depression, and nausea. If you’re interested in purchasing Apollo 13 marijuana seeds, you’ll be pleased to know that both beginners and veterans alike have a lot of success with this strain at home. Apollo 13 plants don’t require a lot of attention.


Permafrost Feminized Marijuana Seeds

This sativa strain is a sticky selection that will offer a balanced effect, leaving you feeling great in body and in brain. Treat chornic pain and inflammation, and get your psychoactive thrill with this frosty option. High in THC, Permafrost marijuana is not for the faint-of-heart, unless you consider microdosing to take advantage of the medical benefits sans psychoactive side effects. After about 70-80 days flowering, this pine-scented strain will give the patient gardener a moderate yield of deliciously potent cannabis that will get you through the day like nothing else. Permafrost delivers balanced effects for a healthy dose of mind and body relaxation but allowing the mind to slow down just enough to increase focus and attention. It’s the latter contribution that makes this strain ideal for patients looking to treat conditions like ADD/ADHD or anxiety disorders. Others have discovered Permafrost useful for treating chronic pain and inflammation as with arthritis, asthma, and gastrointestinal disorder.

Pacific Seed Bank Feminized CBD Strains


ACDC CBD Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Our ACDC CBD may not be the strain of choice if you’re about to head to a concert featuring the strain’s namesake, but if you want your marijuana seeds to deliver heavy hitting pain relief, this rocking strain will leave you thunderstruck.

Unlike most cannabis plants, ACDC is a sativa-dominant, high-CBD (cannabidiol) strain descendant from Cannatonic, and when we say high, we mean high, with a ratio of 1:20. Though some varieties can get slightly higher, you’ll find our ACDC strain tops out at about 15% CBD, easily balancing out the 2% THC present in its pretty leaves.

With an earthy flavor that can also have hints of citrus, ACDC CBD marijuana seeds are what medical dreams are made of: a relaxing, happy high relieves pain, eases stress, and reduces inflammation. This versatility and lack of intoxication makes ACDC ideally suited for patients suffering from a wide range of conditions, including anxiety, epilepsy, and even the side effects of chemotherapy.

Although you can grow ACDC CBD marijuana seeds either indoors or out, these feminized plants do best inside where the gardener can control every aspect of the environment, especially the lighting schedule – since our ACDC CBD cannabis seeds are photoperiod, you’ll need to change the duration of light they receive in order for the plant to switch from the vegetative stage to flowering.

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Blueberry CBD

Blueberry CBD Feminized Marijuana Seeds

If you love blueberry weed but you’re off the THC for awhile, pick up Blueberry CBD marijuana seeds. Pain and stress will run for the hills in the face of this fruity strain that’s good to grow indoors and out.

While Blueberry marijuana seeds are already highly sought after for their clinical applications, our CBD-rich alternative to this popular recreational strain boosts the therapeutic strengths of the traditional indica variety, creating an all-natural and viable treatment unlike any other.

As sweet and fruity as its name suggests, Blueberry CBD is all about boosting the mood, but more importantly, although it has a equal ratio of THC: CBD, the psychoactive side effects are balanced out by the non-hallucinogenic cannabinoid to provide a euphoric high without any intoxication. You can see why patients from across the globe might find this strain so attractive.

A cross between Afghani, Thai, and Purple Thai strains, our feminized Blueberry CBD marijuana seeds are geared more towards the Intermediate grower with a little experience. The plants tend to reach a medium height when grown indoors and can yield up to an impressive 500 grams of flower per square meter.

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Cannatonic CBD

Cannatonic CBD Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Cannatonic marijuana will have you floating on a cloud – a balanced hybrid with 12% CBD and 9% THC provides potent pain relief without the hallucinations, proving it a popular selection for growers looking to up their medical marijuana game.

Cannatonic marijuana won’t put you in a catatonic state, but it will definitely leave you feeling relaxed and stress free.

This perfectly engineered hybrid is unique in that it contains low levels of THC (12%) and high levels of CBD (12%), delivering a long-lasting and potent psychoactive high can have many medical applications. Ideal for patients suffering from pain, muscle spasms and other physiological and psychological symptoms, Cannatonic marijuana’s higher levels of CBD have made it a popular candidate for illnesses that are resistant to conventional treatments, like epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Featuring a slightly earthy aroma with just a hint of citrus, tightly-packed sativa-dominant Cannatonic feminized marijuana plants are prone to developing mold and mildew, so you may want to considering planting these seeds indoors where you can have control over the environment. After 70-80 days of flowering, you should be harvesting around 400 grams of cannabis per plant.

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Charlotte’s Web CBD

Charlotte’s Web CBD Feminized Marijuana Seeds

A hemp-derived product, Charlotte’s Web comes with minimal psychoactive effects and maximum pain, inflammation, and epilepsy relief.

It’s becoming increasingly popular to consume marijuana for its CBD effects rather than its THC content. Smokers looking for little to no psychoactive effects should reach for Charlotte’s Web marijuana seeds as its THC levels are typically below 0.3%. Where this sativa lacks in THC, it makes up for CBD. Charlotte’s Web comes with soaring CBD percentages that are great for treating pain, inflammation, and nausea.

On a more extreme level, this hybrid has long been used in the medical community to help patients with seizures. Charlotte’s Web has proven to help alleviate symptoms associated with epilepsy. So, how exactly does it work? The CBD levels in Charlotte’s Web work hard to relax every muscle from head to toe.

Some people are surprised to learn that Charlotte’s Web is actually a hemp-derived product that won’t have any effect on their daily tasks. Your mental state is unlikely to change under the influence of Charlotte’s Web. The only change you’ll notice is in your pain levels or if you’ve been feeling nauseous recently. Charlotte’s Web marijuana seeds are a must-have for anybody who wishes to stay away from altering psychoactive effects.

Harlequin CBD

Harlequin CBD Feminized Marijuana Seeds

If you need to relax and focus your mind, and aren’t looking for the euphoria common to regular strains, check out Harlequin CBD marijuana seeds. This sativa-dominant hybrid can relieve stress and inflammation, not to mention ease pain. You think of harlequin as the joker of the pack, but Harlequin CBD marijuana seeds couldn’t be any more serious.

A sativa-dominant hybrid (it features a 75/25 split), Harlequin CBD is some breeders manic dream come to life: the result of combining Colombian Gold and a Nepalese indica with Thai and Swiss landrace strains. What you get is a clear-headed high perfect for treating pain and anxiety. And because this plant almost always reliably develops CBD in a ratio of 5:2, any hallucinogenic effects associated with the THC are rendered null and void.

Sometimes fruity and sweet like a mango, other times more robust with notes of pine, Harlequin CBD’s flavor and aroma profile is a total crowd pleaser. Because this is a photoperiod plant, meaning you’ll need to manually make the switch from vegetative to flowering stage, our Harlequin CBD is considered an Intermediate strain, but it’s easy enough for beginner growers.

After a short flowering period of about 7-9 weeks, these Harlequin CBD feminized marijuana seeds will yield upwards of 550 beautiful grams of sweet relaxation.

Pennywise CBD

Pennywise CBD Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The relaxing effects of Pennywise quiet down the mind first before targeting all your muscle groups. Expect to feel pain-free and mellow. If the image of Pennywise the clown from Stephen King’s novel makes you want to crawl out of your skin, all you need is some Pennywise marijuana seeds to calm you back down. This indica-dominant hybrid is more likely you make you forget about all your worries, anxieties, and stressors than to give you a panic attack. Pennywise is considered a high CBD strain with content between 12% and 15% on average. The effects of CBD leave you calm, mellow, and pain-free.

Another perk to Pennywise is that it’s a fast-acting strain that quiets the mind first before targeting the rest of the body. All those racing thoughts that keep you up at night will be long gone after a few puffs of Pennywise. Once your mind feel still and open, this hybrid works its magic in every muscle, eliminating pain and inflammation for hours. Because of its high CBD content, Pennywise is a must-have for gym buffs with sore muscles and consumers with chronic pain and nausea.

As an indica, you may want to reserve Pennywise marijuana seeds for the evening or nighttime. An hour into the smoke, you’ll move beyond relaxation into mild fatigue. You likely won’t be motivated to get up off the couch. The appearance of Pennywise marijuana plants differs based on its phenotype (there are four). The plants typically flower between 7 to 9 weeks.