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God's Gift

God's Gift Cannabis Seeds
Breeder: BC Bud Depot

Both relaxing and euphoric, the extremely flavourful God's Gift is an S1 hybrid of Grand Daddy Purps and OG Kush and a world champion winner for Best Indica at the 2015 Bio Cannabis Cup in Spain. With excellent bag appeal, The God's Gift also has a strong odour that will waft through the air and stick around for a while. The buds have a very dank pungent smell with the smoke being so smooth and sweet that you never want to let it out. When smoked or vaped, the amazing taste will linger on the lips and tongue and the exhale is robust and deep, bringing on a clear and heady high that is very motivational, balanced with a transcending and soothing body high. Overall God's Gift is true to the name it was given.

Wild Thailand

Wild Thailand Cannabis Seeds
Breeder: World of Seeds

A pure strain from the Ko Chang archipelago in Thailand, her THC levels are among the highest in the world. She’s highly prized by Thai growers who smuggle her into Bangkok despite the severity of the country’s penal system. This strain’s value derives from it being the result of continual interbreeding using the best examples of this Thai Ko Chang lineage undertaken over many years by the area’s expert growers; local inhabitants who have been cultivating it for generations. She’s one of Thailand’s most productive strains and has a relatively short flowering cycle for a pure Thai Sativa. 

Skunk #1

Skunk #1 Cannabis Seeds
Breeder: Sensi Seeds

The potency of this branch of the cannabis family tree is so notorious that ‘skunk’ is often used as a name for any powerful ganja. Breeders regard Skunk #1 as the benchmark of uniform, reliable performance and her rock-solid genotype has influenced a hundred modern hybrids. Skunk#1’s energetic performance and bountiful yields demonstrate the true meaning of hybrid vigour. Growth and flowering are mostly-Indica in appearance, with Skunk #1 gaining a little more height than a pure Indica when blooming. The extra-dark green of this strain’s leaves comes from her Afghanica ancestors and contrasts sharply with her lime-green growing tips

Nana Pie

Nana Pie Cannabis Seeds
Breeder: Garden Ablaze Seeds

  • Strawberry Banana x Cherry Pie
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks

Original Grand Daddy Purp

Original Grand Daddy Purp Cannabis Seeds
Breeder: Ken's Grand Daddy Purple Genetics

This cannabis strain dominated the bay area for more than a decade as the number one smokers choice. The cookies strain took over afterwards. Also known as GDP, it has a 60 day flowering and grows some large dense nugs. This strain was put together with crossing Purple Urkle and the Big bud strain. Those who are privileged to have laws that allow the grow for cannabis will be in for a treat with GDP. This strain is definitely worthy of being considered one of the best indica strains, and a must try for connersiours. 


Blueberry Cannabis Seeds
Breeder: Dutch Passion Seeds

Dutch Passion Blueberry is the original, a famously classy and enjoyable cannabis combined with fruity flavours and blue colourations in the leaves and buds. The genetics are 80% Indica/20% Sativa and date back to the 1970’s.  Repeat growers of Blueberry often like to germinate a number of seeds to find a special mother plant, she is easy to take cuttings from and you will never get tired of top quality Blueberry bud. Although she yields well under ideal conditions she is grown primarily by those growers looking for that special, relaxing and refined Blueberry high.